My recommended places for Mozillians to visit in Taipei, Taiwan

As the Mozilla Taiwan (Cooperation) growing these years, more and more Mozillians visit Taipei on business and on vocation. Every time I would like to introduce some local venues for them to visit, and it seems a better way to just document everything here, than send out with individual email.

So here is my personal suggestion places, for my friends to visit during your stay.

I won't recommend places like Palace Museum and observation desk of Taipei 101 in here, where I think every visitors would already known them, but local people seldom visit ;)

But if you have at least a whole day, and would like to see some best piece of Chinese art, you should definitely visit Palace Museum.

Useful link

Scene & Tourist places

(Suitable from several hours to half day)

淡水 (Tamsui)

Located at MRT Tamsui Station (淡水站), the northern end of MRT Tamsui line (淡水線, red line). It's a history township in northern part of Taipei, but in nowadays more like a leisure place for the people in Taipei City. It's always crowded at weekend evening, people going there to see river, sunset, feel the wind blowing and have some 'small food'(gourmet snacking) at lots of food stalls there.

The small food is good, but the restaurant food is not so well at Tamsui. If you turn into some lanes, you may find some of the traditional houses or a taste of country life where other part of Taiwan would be.

If you have more time, ride a ferry to Bali (八里), the another side of Tamsui river. There is a trail along the river in Bali, with some good restaurants and even more food stalls. I recommend "Badasan", a restaurant featuring aborigines cuisine, with live aborigines song perform every night. (English menu available, suitable for 2-10 people to eat together.)

Aborigine signer is really hit in Taiwan and in Chinese POP music, many of the world-famous Chinese signer are indigenous peoples from different tribes.

貓空 (Maokong)

Maokong is locating at the terminal station of Maokong Gondola, which you can take from the MRT Taipei Zoo Station, southern end of MRT Wenhu line (文湖線, brown line). You can take the gondola with metro cards (like MRT), and don't need to get into line of ticket counter.

Maokong is traditional tea production area, and famous for it's tea houses (most of them also serve Chinese cuisine). Although the employee barely speaking English, most of them have English menu. If the way of boiled cup of traditional Chinese tea would be a problem for you, maybe reading some introduction in advance is good idea.

Go there in noon, stay until night and have a dinner. The night view of Taipei city from Maokong is really great.

北投 (Beitou)

It's closest and best Hot Spring site in Taipei. You can go to there with MRT Tamsui (red) line to Beitou Station (北投站), and take one stop transfer to Xin Beitou Station (新北投站). The hot spring area is just near the station, and you can take a half hour walking along the Guang Ming Rd. (光明路) around hot spring park, into the mid of hot spring area. Most of the hot spring hotel and bath poll is located along the road.

The average price of public hot spring poll (some is suit-up, and some are naked pool) is around NTD 100~300, some of the 5-star hotel can up to 1k, and the average price for personal bath room is about NTD 1.5k~2k for 2 hours. I specially suggest to try "青磺名湯", a hot spring bath room. It's owned by government for decades and re-open in 2012. The public bath (without dress) is only NTD120 entrance fee, and personal bath room cost 350~450 for 1~2 hours (time depends on weekday and season). The quality of spring water is recommend by many people.

象山 (Xiangshan)

The meaning of the name is "Elephant Mountain", it's the closest mountain of Taipei city, and have the best city view with 101 just in front. It only 180 meter high and took only about an hour hiking though trail to the top. You can get to the trail at MRT Xiangshan Station (象山站), which is the eastern end of Xinyi (Red) line. It's good place for a leisure walking in morning and noon.


Every city in Taiwan has "Night Market", where contains ten to hundreds of food stalls with various of local foods, snacks, drinks and outfits, cheapest and delicious selections. There are many in Taipei City.

Here is a CNN article about common Taiwanese food which you can find everywhere and in most night market. It considered as recent good article on this topic*. You may use it as a reference, and help for ordering foods.

Raohe Street Night Market (饒河街夜市)

There is a good and large night market, "Raohe Street Night Market" (饒河街夜市), which is only 5 mins taxi away from Mozilla Taiwan office (and Hyatt Hotel), and 10 mins walk from MRT Houshanpi Station (後山埤站) on blue line. Unlike famous "Shilin Night Market" (士林夜市), which is mainly open for tourist (I barely go there), this one is which local people also enjoyed.

The other popular night markets in Taipei are,

  • Shida Night Market (師大夜市) near MRT Guting Station (古亭站)
    There is many outfit store and cheap restaurants in here, also many special café nearby.
  • Ningxia Night Market (寧夏夜市) at MRT Shuanglian Station (雙連站)
    Many food stalls but less outfit.

Farmer's Market

There is a farmer's market "Hope Square" (希望廣場), where just next to Guang Hua Digital Plaza (光華商場), famous computer mall at MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station (忠孝新生站).

You can buy freshest seasonal fruit, food materials, tea leaves and local grows roasted coffee beans and snacks. It's opening every weekend from 12-6pm, directly shipped from the farm across whole Taiwan and sell by the farmer themselves. The best is that you can try a bite before buying almost anything on all hundreds stalls. This is my current favorite leisure to do at every weekend.


There are many many good café in Taipei, most of the independent coffee shop are home roasted, and you can find different various kinds of café inside lanes everywhere.

Mr. Brown, Dante, Ikari and Starbucks is the most popular chain coffee restaurant in Taipei. The coffee of Mr. Brown is fine, Dante and Ikari for me is so-so, and about Starbucks... I'd made my mind that don't to get in any of Starbucks in Taiwan (because of moral issues of Starbucks and uni-president cooperation behind it). and I personally also don't go to chain coffee store much.

湛盧 Zhanlu Coffee

I personally consider the best café in Taipei (many also highly recommend) is Zhanlu Coffee (湛盧), for it's stability quality of coffee and service. There are several branch store, and one is locate at MRT Taipei City Hall Station (市政府站). And I often go to another branch store at MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station (忠孝新生站).

When you checkout, don't forget to say that you're my (Irvin's) friend, and I believe you'll get the membership price discount. (If not, told me.)

Friendly coffee stores with OSS community

There're also two cafés which familiar by OSS community in Taiwan. First is ökogreen (生態綠), the first fair-trade coffee shop and trader across Chinese area (China/Hong Kong/Taiwan). The second is GozCafé (果子咖啡). They're always been good friends with local OSS contributors, and of course the coffee is well no doubt.

Bubble Tea and Tea Shop

Bubble Tea (珍珠奶茶) is the most famous drinks from Taiwan. You can find a lots of tea shops across the whole city, with various choices of juice and tea. The typical menu will including from 20 to hundreds of items, but basically it's the combination of tea, milk, juice and jelly.

You can choose the tea first, which typically including Black Tea, Oolong Tea and Green Tea, whether with flesh milk (鮮奶), coffee cream (奶精) or not. Then you can choose to add bubble (aka. bōbà, perl, tapioca balls) or jelly (grass or coffee jelly), if available.

Whether drinks you choose, you have to decide the sweet and ice, from full (全) / half (半) / 20% (微) / no (去) sugar and ice. And of course you can ordering in hot. I usually order in "20% sugar and less ice" (微糖少冰), that would be already sweet enough for me.

Some of my favorite drinks are, Perl Milk Tea (波霸奶茶), Fresh Grapefruit Green Tea (鮮柚綠), Yakult Green Tea (養樂多綠), Pudding Milk Tea (布丁奶茶), Bubble Milk Green Tea (波霸奶綠), and recently popular choice, Matcha Milk Tea (抹茶牛奶).

If available, I'll order "Fresh Milk Tea" (鮮奶茶) instead of typical coffee whiteners in milk tea. Hot/Iced cocoa (熱巧克力) and Ovaltine (阿華田) also available in most drink shop.

My recommanded chain brand of Tea Shop are 50嵐 (50 'Lan', blue and yellow sign), 天仁 (喫茶趣, Cha For Tea, green sign). 鮮茶道 (Presotea, light and dark green sign), Mr.Wish, and Come Buy are also my frequent choices.

Other places in Taiwan

Taipei is consider the most convenience city in Taiwan (and the wealth one), but judged by "comfortable" and "livable", Southern Taiwan is more leisure and vocation choice. Taipei is like Tokyo in Japan, which many people moved in for job, but endure the difficultly of it's higher expense, ridiculous housing prices and crowded environment. If you'd like to take a longer vocation (several days to than a week?), I suggest you visit Eastern Taiwan and Southern Taiwan.

Eastern Taiwan (東台灣)

Eastern part of Taiwan is a valley next to Pacific Ocean, surrounded by Ocean Mountain. Most of the plain land are farms with little residents. Imagine wake up to see the sunrise and ocean. Also it's the main residential area of Taiwanese aborigines.

Southern Taiwan

Southern Taiwan has much better weather (always sunny, still warming to wear short t-shirt in winter).

Tainan (台南)

Tainan is the Kyoto of Taiwan. It's oldest city in Taiwan (almost 400 years) and people are proud of their own history, culture and food. You'll see many café/restaurant opening in old traditional residence buildings, and the history of many common food restaurants everywhere were more than a hundred year. If you love the old city and culture flavor, you'll feel and learn a lot in Tainan.

Kaohsiung (高雄)

Kaohsiung is a harbor city in the south of Tainan. It's a metro city combined with many tourism venues. You can biking through the whole city and along the harbor coast, enjoy the sunset at Qijin island then taking the boat down along the beautiful night scene of Love River.

Kenting (墾丁)

Kenting is the most southern town of Taiwan. It's a national park which is famous for it's tropical weather and ocean (which is good for surfing and diving). Its the most favorite vocation venue in Taiwan. There is also a large rock music festival every spring.

Geeks Shopping

The most popular market of electronic devices / computers / hardware parts in Taipei is "Guang Hua Digital Plaza" (光華商場) and the nearby Bade Road (八德路). It's just right in the center of Taipei City, near MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station (忠孝新生站, intersection of blue and Yellow line).

MozCafé - 'MozTW Lab' every Friday

I'll definitely have to inviting every Mozillians coming to our weekly "MozTW Lab", MozCafé event in Taipei.

About 10~20 community members will gathering in "WaWa Café" near Guanghua Market, from 7:30pm to 10pm every Friday night.

We will doing event planning, l10n, Firefox OS testing, writing webpages... and the most of all, endless chatting on Mozilla-related topics. Anyone is welcome to bring his own works/tasks/fun to attend and sharing.

Please do paid a visit to the meet-up. MozTW is an old community with various background volunteers focus on different projects. We'll definitely like to share our stories, and learning from your Mozillian experience.

Contact Me

If you have any problem, need any help, or just like to chat (need additional suggestion?), you are welcomed to drop me a mail at irvin at moztw dot org or on SNS/IM/IRC (@irvinfly). Find more contact info on my Mozillians page.


Wikimania 2013 in Hong Kong

Mozilla Reps - Wikimania 2013

I'd been traveling to Hong Kong participate in Wikimania 2013 at Aug 7-11, in sponsored by Mozilla Reps program on Plane ticket and accommodation. and this is my report of the event, summarize what I do and what I learned at the conference.

Event Planning


Wikimania were open registration for everyone, and there are 6 different ticket prices according to the registration time (early/regular/late registration) and identity (volunteer with Wikimedia accounts or not). It's different to our experience for Mozilla conference / meetup, that all Mozilla globally events I'd participant before were invite only, and most of them were for core contributors. Instead of "all insider", there are many leisure contributors (specially many students from China) showing up in Wikimania.


The Wikimedia Hong Kong chapter had recruit a hundreds of local students as volunteer workers in the conference, since they're non-community contributors, it's a little hard to have some kinds of interaction with them (discussion on Wikipedia or on OSS culture).

After the closing ceremony, the organizer had let volunteers line-up outside of the hall. That is a clever arrangement, enable every participant to see in the faces of all volunteers, and give the warm good-bye to each other.

Wikimania 2013 - Session - After closing plenary
Photos of volunteers line up at sides of stair after closing ceremony


The Wikimania host team wait for the participants right at outside of customs at Hong Kong Airport, just as we do at many Mozilla's volunteer events. But at Hong Kong, there are many ways to get in besides air transport, there are a lots of participants get into Hong Kong by going through border by rail. I don't know whether they had same preparation at the railway customs at train station to China.


Wikimania had offer special contracted dormitory for a good price (USD 27 per person per night) for participants at Hong Kong Baptist University. It's 30 mins away from the conference's venue by bus, and the conference provides shuttle bus at each morning and evening. This arrange must saved a lot for Wikimedia Fundation, because a great numbers of their community contributors need to stayed for more than 4 nights for pre-conference, and the normal price of hotels costs about 150 USD per night at Hong Kong.

The maps of dormitory (Baptist University) to event venue (PolyU)


The venue of the Wikimania 2013 is Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), a famous university which is also known by us in Taiwan for many years. PolyU had been already set partnership with Wikimedia Hong Kong community from 2012 spring, when they trying to biding for the event. To partner with the venue at such ahead of time, became one of the major advantage of WMHK community to biding.

The conference used 8 lecture halls (including the main auditorium, capacity of 1000 people) and about 10 class rooms during the event, which spreading in 5 different buildings around main opening space "Logo Square", which used for dining and community booth.

The Venue Map of event

The facilities of the opening space "Logo Square" including tables for booth, a big stair which people can sit, a huge TV screen showing videos from different Wikimedia chapters. People can greet each others, chat, social and get drinks at the square through the whole event. It's also providing good free dining experience than typical cafeteria, and able to host all thousand participants at same time.

Wikimania 2013 - Logo Square panorama
The panorama of "Logo Square" at a dining time


The conference provides Chinese/western buffet on breakfast and lunch, with coffee, soda and bottle water through the whole events for free. The free and more then enough cokes was sooo good in the summer day time of Hong Kong. It make me (and other peoples) happy with little expense of conference.


Welcome Party

The welcome party were held in a famous sightseeing venue "sky100 Observation Deck". Wikimania reserved half of the observation deck and prepared buffet inside. But the venue is too small, full fill with hundreds of participants, and amount of foods is not enough. The long line-up of people for buffet make the venue even smaller and harder to wandering around. But overall the choice of venue is good, treat the people who first came to Hong Kong with the night view of the city.

Closing party

The closing party is barbecue style dinner at "Shek O beach" side, which is a very popular vocation venue of Hong Kong at weekend (and really full of people). It's really far away from the city central (~20 km) and from the public transportation system (30 mins by bus to the nearest subway). Wikimania offer the shuttle bus to and from the venue, but people will need to stay until the end of party.

I havn't stay at the party because the line-up of the food is even longer than welcome party, but it tooks me more then 1.5 hour to quit from the beach, line-up 1 hour for the public bus and get to the nearest subway station. I think we definitely have to prevent for such kinds of problem, find a venue near public transportation system, if we're going to prepare for same events in future.

Opening Ceremony

The content of the opening ceremony of Wikimania is pretty the same to the other conference, including the speech from organizer and from Jimmy Wales, and some slides of the reviewing of the foundation.

The organizer had prepared a special 15mins performance "Lion Dance" at the beginning of the ceremony, it really is a fascinate exhibition of Chinese culture to participant from around the world. We can learn from them that trying to arrange some kinds of special perform or shows, if we're going to hold a international events.

Wikimania 2013 Opening ceremony - 2
The "Lion Dance" in open ceremony



The schedule of Wikimania 2013 include near 130 sessions as 8 tracks in 3 days. The content including speeches, discussions and about one track of workshops each day. The tracks were organized in different topics, that easy to locate interesting one, from so many choice in the same time. But on my own opinon, the number of sessions is it a little more, because some of that I attendding had no more than 10 audience.

Due to my roles and focus at Mozilla and at Mozilla Taiwan Community, I choose to attend most of the session at 'community', 'Asia' and 'future' tracks. I feels there are 3 points worth to share.


As my first Wikimania experience, I feels that "Future" is the main topic of the conference. For ex., what's the future of Wikipedia would be? how will the community and contributors look like in 10 years from now, how "scary" will the future if things go all wrong...

This theme carried out with a panel "Imagine the Wikipedia in 2022". In the beginning of the panel, the host said that she carries a "Time Machine", and it's 2022 in sudden, then different Wikimedia staff shared what's happening "in this 10 years", including funding, contributor evolution, organization/profitable company structure and many other aspects.

In another session "Ghosts of Wikis Yet to Come: Three Stories of Wikimedia's Future", the presenter shared 3 kinds of future story of Wikipedia. In the first future, Wikipedia turned out to be a corporate mega-mind controlled information database. In the second future, Wikipedia turned out to be social-powed portal, full of blur blur from your friends. In the other future, Wikipedia turned to "Wikiville", a small tribe of editors against every new technology like SNS, AR, or semantic web, they only cared about "information quality", and faced the huge crisis.

In these sessions, they point out the difficulties Wikipedia currently facing, and the most important, what will it be if they don't take changes. After the session, participants will easy to understand why we need to adopt these changes, and "the changes" were covered by other part of the conferences to be deeply discussion.

Related sessions:


Wikipedian discuss contributor's diversity in many different domains, including locale, gender, age, article topics and ways of funding. We all know how importance of diversity in locales, for that Firefox is the browser with most l10n versions in world, but I didn't see much we discussed on diversity of contributors genders and other.

Male and female has different care, interest and familiar domain, The research shows that female editors focused on peoples and arts, while males focus on geography and science. Currently the gender problem of Wikipedia is that there are 90% of users and contributors are male, and most of them is likely a "geeky man". This problem causing the article bias in topic. I see many projects carried out to solve the problem in many sessions, engaged female from different countries and different jobs to edit Wikipedia.

Sessions related to diversity:

Contribute experience

One of the reason causing decrease number and single "geeky" type of contributors is the difficult in usage of Wikipedia editor, and complicated rules to contribute. New edit tends to be deleted or rollback, if people didn't aware of the reference policy of Wikipedia. The Wikipedian discuss many possible ways to fixing that, including a new WYSIWYG editor, new tutorial system and an improved disclosure procedure of edit. The main target is to lower the difficulties, then gain the contributors and engage more diversity in contributors.

Sessions related to user experience:


Meet the Mozillians 2013 HK

Our Hong Kong community (which is currently organized by Sammy Fung) host a "Meet the Mozillians 2013 HK" meetup during the event at Friday night. Totally 11 people joined the meetup, including local community members Fubuki Hoshino, Wan Leung Wong, Amanda Lam, Sammy and several others, foreign Mozillians including Arky, Orin, me, and Oarabile (member of Mozilla Botswana). We'd discussion several things during the whole 3 hours meeting.

The topics including, - Hong Kong community conditions. They're just settle up, and the contributors were large shared with current FLOSS communities like HKLUG, OSHK. Also the website is under construction. - Recruitment, we shared some of the recruit resource including the SNS channel at the right hand side of Firefox download landing page, and snippet at the front-page (default search page).

Meet the Mozillians 2013 HK
Panorama of the meeting

Meetings during Wikimania

There are also several different meetups scheduled in Hong Kong during this period, such as Creative Commons meeting (there are several Taiwanese CC members who were going to participate in their own meeting, thus they can also join Wikimania for some free time.)

I feels that it's really a good chance to organize the small/medium size inter-countries event during a large conference. Since the people from everywhere already gathered for the conference I also suggest we may plan to prepare have some meetup near next year's Wikimania (in London).


Events of Taiwan community: challenges, evolutions, and survivals in 2012

I'd just joined >MozCamp Asia 2012 in Singapore (Nov 16~18), and had a session Events of Taiwan community: challenges, evolutions, and survivals in 2012, here is the slide and my speaking draft. I hope that our experience could make some help to my beloved Mozilla worldwide community.

Irvin Chen / Volunteer / Mozilla Taiwan Community TW community liaison since Nov. 2011

MozTW Brief intro

In the beginning, I'm going to give a brief intro of Mozilla Taiwan community. Established in 2004, making contribution by maintaining product localization and & localized product sites, MozTW turned out to be a project-oriented community: including online/offline marketing campaigns, evangelism talks, localizations, and contribution in different Mozilla projects.

The challenges of MozTW: From my point of view

Before I start of the challenge part, I'm going to make a DISCLAIMER: Ideas below may or may not representing other MozTW member's idea. This is what I observed from my own contributing experience, others might not think it's a big problem, or the problem might not exist at all.

Community age problem

As time passes, if a community doesn't grow with enough younger participation, the average age of community contributors becomes older. Also you'll find out you have no that much time after graduated, and the same situation happened across all the active folks of your community. Many of the communities are formed by a herd of college students, so you can foresee such a problem in 4~5 years if the community were newly burned in your region.

Market Changes

I feel that the change of the browser market / OSS environment makes us harder to recruit these days. When we begin, there are only several browsers in the market, Firefox represents innovation and creativity, it's a little rebel and hacks culture, it's cool. At that time when a people wanted to join some internet interesting group and contribute in a non-programming field, you don't have so many OSS/software communities choices like today. This day there are other browsers which thinks to be cooler than the old fox across techies, the opportunity to contribute, with the spirit of the social action are much more.

Take events for example, 5 years before, there were not so many events for geeks like our Firefox Party in Taiwan, I think it's easier to gather hundreds of attendees and have much attention to our campaigns, but it's much harder today. Taiwan has population about 20 millions, and In this year we have more than 10 houndries attendee conferences, subjetive on OSS and web. The growth of internet and globalization OSS projects also have some effect, one can easily find events, communities, reach and contribute remotely to non-local project. I think it's make us harder on our recruition today.

The "Official Mozilla" problem

We now face challenges from new "official" player on Firefox marketing / representative, and I expect company is going to grow its new community in the marketing strategy.

Mozilla office in Taipei was established last year right after MozCamp, before that, we had discussed some of the problems we may face across core contributors of Taiwan. In this year, I have seen many things we were worried at that time, which I don't really want to see, resulting in much more challenges. Which may happened again, if Mozilla is opening new office, then we may want to avoid them.

1. You're no longer the "Mozilla representative"

MozTW was the de facto "Mozilla representative" before. After the local company opens, when people want to contact Mozilla, they'll directly contact the company, and since it's related to end-use marketing, if the information doesn't been bounced to community, which means much less co-operation opportunities and much less eyes attracted on community.

And there is a branding problem, if your community use "Mozilla-country" as your name, you may have to prepare for the naming transition, for that this is the offices' formal name. In fact, we don't really have the choice deal with this situation, this problem had been foreseen by BobChao, our previous community liaison many years ago, so we'd used MozTW and Mozilla Taiwan Community bi-branding for years. But when we actually deal with the situation today, it's still hard to come out with a good enough branding strategy, weather to promote the "Mozilla Taiwan Community" on our events? Or to use "Mozilla Community" only? Or using "MozTW" preventing distinguish to "Mozilla Taiwan", the official name of office?

As my own observing, people just couldn't understand. In fact, they don't find there is several Mozilla depart at all.

2. You're losing your volunteer while the company recruit

Once the office is open, you may find out your hardly-working community guru to be hired, and they had much less time contribute to community projects. The better they had done before, the harmful it would be. In conjunction with the age's problem of community and recruitment problem, it'll became hardest challange you'd like to deal with.

It's true that the problem will naturally begin to exist as the time pass, whether the offices open or not. Community always lose core contributors as they graduate from school and if they are not luckily enough to find the job which can have enough leisure time to contribute, but I was hoping it may be difference when it comes to Mozilla. It's seems that it's my too idealistic wishes when our community contributors joined the local office.

3. You'll see competing campaign/sites/community appear

While the local company doing end-user promotions, as time passed, many events/campaigns rolled out one by one. You'll begin to see the competing projects to what your community were doing unavoidable.


From online campaigns such as facebook pages to offline events such as workshops and speeches, I'm frustrated for that with the full time employees, engineers and budget supplement, their campaign seems eventually more successful than what communities did. <- their campaign would be probably more successful than what communities did. ??

We used to translate news from Mozilla and Mozillian's blogs to a Trad. Chinese Mozilla Links, since it's a community volunteer project, we could not control the effectiveness but quality. Nowadays, when local office can publish the "latest" news in synchronize with Mozilla Press blog, that's the efficiency we can never achieve ever. How could our campaign compete with the company's similar one, for that you can only exchange your sleeping time while they're working on a daily basis? It turned to be no choice but to give up translating and spreading the news, also on many campaigns which local office may be interested in, and choose what they're not.


Second is about websites. After the local company opened their site, your community portal are no longer the second Mozilla sites anymore. Users will see 1) localized mozilla.org, 2) local office's mozilla.com.country and 3) community's site. All 3 different sites are shared with similar contents and same propose - to spreading information about Mozilla, and the same action - to provide Firefox download. If one user could found that there are more than one site exist, he'll be frustrated with them no doubt. I think most of the users don't really figure out there are.

Even further, one day you may surprisingly found that mozilla.org been redirected to local office's website, instead of the normal localized mozilla.org in your language. It has not happened on zh-TW yet, and I'll never eager to see it happened. Why bother to do so when l10n contributors are taking good care of mozilla.org, when it comes to One Mozilla conception?

Anything more to expect? Has your community ever built a forum? What if you found that one similar section appear at local official site? What would the originnal forum users thought? That's the best negative message from "One Mozilla" that we could convinced our users regionally.


With the local company's some kinds of campaign begin, you may expect the other "more official" community begin to exist, while they started recruit volunteer/students. The worse thing is that you're still facing the recruit problem we mentioned before, and you may have to keep thinking "how to recruit new contributors on community's projects, from our already recruited local office's contributors." How weird is it.

It turns to be the original community are not the only Mozilla community anymore, although it was, it's not, maybe for some employees POV.

How about from the One-Mozilla POV?, the overall community is growing while your formal community weakening on behavior of above problems. It's true that our own community may not include all of the Mozillians in our region, and an alternative communities may have been running more systematically with the direct instructions from local company, and the overall perceptions of Mozilla and Firefox to audience may increasingly. But for me, the problems are more emotional than rationally.

I couldn't questioned my believed methods to making Mozilla stronger. For the love of my community of which I begin to contributed, for the different expectation from Mozilla manifesto I believed in - "the trust of our transparent community-based processes, and the way we use to build communities that support the Manifesto's principles. To saw a community been weakening from above problems, I found that I couldn't be as proud to mention the openness and our community approach as I was before.

The evolutions and survivals of MozTW

Next is the quick review of evolution and survival of MozTW this year

Offline events of 2012

In 2012, we had several offline events, such as a co-hosting Firefox-Ubuntu party in April, and Webmaker Pop-up party running joinly with local Mozilla office.

We kept running weekly MozTW Lab Cafe and Gathering routined meetings continuously, for community members to gather and share with each other. It seems more people are attending regularly this year.

The campaign of browser pairs game

And about online events, besides regularly updating of the our portal site, our main brick-and-click campaign this year is "Browser Pairs Game" as mentioned in the earlier session by the author WM and littlebtc. We promoted Firefox for Android, the responsive design of our community sites our mascot Foxmosa and HTML5 all in one single joyful game campaign, not forgot to mention how happy to see the audience react, when they found the unique design of the game. I could not forget to thanks for the Firefox Mobile marketing team on supporting the campaign.

And We're planning to keep running the campaign, also roll-out more games to promoting the mascot and the delight of HTML5, and have more fun this year.

The l10n challenges

Due to the challenges I'd mention above, I believed we have to avoid doing things which the local office began to work on, that is, we have to decreasing the translation of blog article and building l10n product sites, divert our attention to other fields. One of the approach we tried is the video subtitle translation with Amara. After finish several short videos such as "A Different Kinds of Browser", "The Mozilla Story" and "Looking Ahead", we challenged to hosting a 2-day workshop translating "Code Rush".

With the total attendance of about 20 contributors, and several days of over-night working on adjusting the subtitles, and with the gracefully supporting from Tara Hernandez with her video clip, the screening of <Code Rush> at local cinema with hundreds of attendees on Soft Freedom Day turned out to be the most success events of this year.

From passive to active recruit, try to target the different audience

In the past, most of the core contributors of MozTW are recruited from workshops and events such as school tour. But it costs to prepare the event and contents, and it's hard if we don't have someone at desired schools to help. Also the opportunity of arranging the speech at schools are more difficult these years. Consider the costs to recruit of each contributors, it seems not a good way for us to perform.

We do have a contribute page on our website, but it's not working well, not many people join us with that page (I can't even remember any), it's obviously we need to be more active on recruit.

We tried recruit new contributors at several offline events, we prepared a questionnaire with the option to choose from website, l10n, arts, campaign planning and programming, trying to target the different contribution field of portential contributors. Then we could point the appropriately project for them to begin. It's kinds of offline version of "What can I do for Mozilla".

We had not focused on programming before, this year we began to recruit students to try the good first bug, with the help from Thomasy, (whom is Mozilla rep) and Kenny (The web specification guru), and we had several success cases on that.

Another trial I performed last month is set a booth on an Donjinji event (which named comikon at many country, the spare-time comic-er exhibition), displaying illustrates of Foxmosa and Browser Pairs game, try to recruit voluntary illustrators, I indeed got many attendees sign-up for more information, but not getting active contributors yet. But just like recruit programming students at OSS conference, I think to target the specific audience is one of the possible solution to decrease the difficult of recruition.

The 2012 of MozTW and me

We may faced many challenges and decisions made to try hard on evolution, at least, we survive and I'm standing here to share our experience with all of you. It may be a hard year for me to try, and to explore to be a competent community liaison, but it seems we still alived good, maybe we're doing better than I wonder?

What I dream of…

When I reading the Mozilla Manifesto, and when I watching "the different kinds of browser",
I dreaming a community that full of people toward the same goal:
working together to growing the web to a better place,
to bringing the awareness of important things we value high,
and to helping users browsing happily, social with their friends and to realizing their dreams online.
and I know, in the mean time, we're also growing ourselves.

I dreaming that while I give up my sleep time, translating the latest news of Mozilla,
some other contributors are working at the other side of the planets Earth,
Whom I have not met, but I can see them on IRC, on mailing list,
and I can hear them arguing for some most important decisions we had to make,
according to our core values, and to our users' best.

I dreaming that I can be sure when I was tired,
community will still exist for long,
my friends will still happily contributing to the projects,
and I know the cooperation will be our strongest support for now and ever.

I can dreaming that when I leave,
the Internet will be a more friendly place, and the world must be better,
even though we only improve it once a small bit...
That I can proudly to said I was in the project, and I'm the lifetime Mozillian.

For all the dreams of mine, giving my sleeping time and my life,
keep think and try to find the solutions, of all the problems and challenges above,
try every hard to keep community exists, alive and growing,
then maybe I can be here next year once more time,
and to share our successful experience with all you my friends here.



MozTW @ Comic Nova 2 原創作品交流展設攤心得

MozTW @ Comic Nova 2 同人原創場擺攤招募中

今天以 MozTW 的名義到 Comic Nova 2 原創作品交流展擺攤招募新繪師 [1],以下活動報告。

現場玩瀏覽器翻牌遊戲過關送 Foxmosa 胸章,總共發了 30 個;原本這個活動在 COSCUP 執行時的設計是,參加者要用自己的手機下載 Android 版 Firefox 然後再玩翻牌。由於現場狀況,直接改為玩我帶去的 iPad。

(瀏覽器翻牌昨天由 Thomasy 改版之後增加總分功能了,我最高有 6x 分,快來挑戰吧!)

剛剛查了一下流量,透過社群網站分享訊息導入,今天 MozTW 網站翻牌遊戲的流量大概有 COSCUP 時期的一半、是平常的五倍。

人力招募的成果,有 12 人填寫人力資料(Bob:你們的校園大使跟電子報又有進帳了,你看看多好!),下週我會抽空把美術方面的計畫簡略整理,然後寄信給曾在這兩個活動裡填寫過資料的朋友 [2],希望最後能有人到社群來貢獻。

一整天下來的心得是,以推廣 Firefox 跟招募志工來說,原創場還蠻適合的。一整天攤位都有人來逛、幾乎沒有停過,我聊到喉嚨快沒聲音了。(當然還是得感謝電腦君在同人誌圈長久經營、加上翻牌遊戲跟瀏覽器物語的梗,我們才能第一次設攤就上手)

但是考慮一開始參加活動的目標「招募繪師」的話,今天一到現場就發現問題:我們想要招募繪師、繪師都在擺攤、逛攤位的都不是繪師(華生,你抓到盲點了 Orz)。所以,下次要準備好傳單,到各攤位上直接發送介紹,效果應該會更好。

MozTW @ Comic Nova 2 入場卷

參加活動的總成本是攤位報名費 427 元,攤位器材要感謝 MGDesigner 跟波卡出借姓沛的一整天,我帶去的電腦完全派不上用場 XD

最後分享給大家一個超屌的社團:UAV 實驗室 Comic Nova 2 參加心得,因為顧攤的苦主穿的 T-shirt 背後有 Chrome,所以殺過去一探究竟,沒想到居然是玩 UAC 無人飛行機的社團!而且不但有造飛機、還有出漫畫!


  1. 本活動在 MozTW General 群組上的籌劃文章
  2. 先前已經完成發出的各類 MozTW 人力招募信:L10nMozilla 軟體開發MozTW 網站開發,行銷企劃跟美術兩部份欠稿中。


How proud of me to find the similar design on TNW

The Next Web widget similar to my little shiny Top-Story-Box

How proud of me to find a similar design of my little shiny Plurk TopBox on THE NEXT WEB!

在 THE NEXT WEB 上發現我一年前做的噗浪首頁 TopBox…… 嚇不倒我的,一定是當時腦海中失落的 CSS 經過量子轉換後又在地球的另一端重組。

Plurk - Front Page / The Next Web